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Mindset & Success Mentor, Valerie Priester reveals:

6 Steps to Set Your Mind For Success!

"MindSet For Success Is A 6-Month Mindset Development Mentoring Program"

54CIf you are tired of struggling in your Direct Sales business to turn your vision of that dream business into a reality, attract the right business partners, increase your sales or commissions, OR create the life of your dreams, this is your time; this is your season - to reap the results of a MindSet for Success!

Working with Valerie, the Mindset and Success Mentor, will help you change the trajectory of your business and your life. In this one-of-a-kind mentoring program you have the privilege of working with Valerie one-on-one while also working with a group of like-minded individuals.

In this one-of-a-kind mentoring program you will learn all the techniques and strategies Valerie used to Set her Mind for Success and start monetizing what she loves - living a purposeful life of helping others.

Everything starts with our MINDSET. If you are ready to set your mind for success and create real change in your business and in your life, it's time to reserve your spot for this amazing program.

Imagine what your business will look like when you...

  • Build a Team of Like-minded People Eager to Succeed
  • Eliminate All Doubt and Believe in Your Birthright to Succeed
  • Double or Triple Your Sales and Commissions

There are limited spaces available in this one-of-a-kind Mindset Development Mentoring Program. This program is designed to help you...

    • Develop a Mindset that guarantees your success
    • Discover the power you have within to create the business you desire
    • Get super clear on what you really want
    • Eliminate negative self-talk, doubt, and fear - truly believe in yourself
    • Effectively navigate through the obstacles of building a business

What others are saying...

Evelyn Mangum, Pearl Manager - Traci Lynn Jewelry,

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Valerie. I recently experienced a major life event that could have put me out of business indefinitely. But, with the mindset development techniques and strategies I learned from working with Valerie I was able to resume momentum and re-focus my attention on my dreams and goals for success.Thank you Valerie, I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

Rhonda Talley, Senior Consultant - Mary Kay,

After working with Valerie for only 30 days I am pleased to say that I had a 65% increase in sales, a higher level of confidence, and I talked to more people about the great opportunity my business has to offer. I had an abundance of creativity ideas in the past 30 days that lead to greater excitement and more productive activities. I am looking forward to closing out 2014 with a bang.

What's in the program...

  • Module 1: Vision Clarity
  • Module 2: Mind Management
  • Module 3: True Authenticity
  • Module 4: Transitions and Transformations
  • Module 5: The “Genius” Within
  • Module 6: Attracting The Life You Want
  • Vision Clarity

    canstockphoto10879414-smIn this module Valerie will help you get clear on your vision and why it’s so important to your success. You will do some discovery around goal setting, set meaningful and powerful goals to get from where you are in your Direct Sales business to where you want to be in the next 6 months.

  • Mind Management

    canstockphoto7444206-smIn this module Valerie will teach you how to manage the most powerful tool you own for creating the business you want – your mind. As a business owner you must have full control over your thoughts. By understanding how to manage the mind’s incredible power you will be able to make any change you want in your life and your business.

  • True Authenticity

    canstockphoto21959988-smIn this module Valerie helps you explore what being ‘authentic’ really means and what causes you to live your life in inauthentic ways. When you’re living as your authentic self you will not only attract the right business partners in your Direct Sales business but you will teach them how to live authentically also.

  • Transitions and Transformations

    canstockphoto20287325-smIn this module Valerie will help you gain greater insight into what change is and why the process of change can be so tricky. As a business owner and in life change is the one thing that is constant. By learning how a simple shift in your way of viewing change can open up a greater degree of acceptance around it, you can bring about a new beginning in a much quicker amount of time.

  • The “Genius” Within

    canstockphoto0266129-smIn this module Valerie helps you discover how to identify your natural talents, when to know if they are in use and how you can integrate your talents into your Direct Sales business for optimal success. You will learn how to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses using a variety of tools and resources.

  • Attracting The Life You Want

    canstockphoto1528380-smIn this module Valerie teaches you how your thoughts draw life experiences to you, and in this way, create the reality you experience. You will discover how your thoughts today will create your future tomorrow. You will understand that it is your thoughts, and the emotions they generate within you, that set up the condition for what you will attract to your life, both good and bad. Attracting the business you want will be simple once you learn how.

More Success Stories

Shelly Jean, Transformation Specialist - Life Begins Again

My name is Shelly Jean. I have had the privilege to be mentored by this exceptional woman Valerie Priester. I am in a home based business and love it. In building my business my personal life has had me in a tailspin. Mentoring with Valerie I was able to take a breath and move to the next step and then to the next step. She believes as I do in Women empowering women. Valerie is the leader you deserve to have in your life to assist you to the next level.

Cheranissa Roach, Future Director - Mary Kay,

Valerie has an amazing way of getting others to see different perspectives which bring about clarity. After just one brainstorming session with Valerie I was able to see varies opportunities to grow my Mary Kay business.

I love that Valerie has a calm demeanor which defuses all anxiety and allows clear, positive thoughts to flow. Working with Valerie helped me to increase my sales and team building by 45% in just 30 days. Her guidance was beneficial in helping me understand the gifts and talents I possess which can ultimately help me become more successful in my business. Thank you for all you do Valerie, I really appreciate you.

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  • FREE 1:1 Coaching (Value – $3,000)

    You will receive a private 1:1 coaching session with Valerie every month you’re in the program. Valerie is honored to come alongside you on your journey to mindset mastery.

  • FREE Monthly Training Calls (Value $1,500)

    You will receive LIVE monthly training calls hosted by Valerie. These calls are 75 – 90 minutes of content-rich strategies and techniques to enhance your learning experience.

  • FREE LIVE Laser Coaching (Value $1,295)

    You will receive LIVE laser coaching sessions every month during the 6 month program. These laser coaching sessions are hosted by Valerie and designed to allow you an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

  • FREE e-Coaching (Value $1,097)

    You will receive e-coaching, another way to access all the knowledge Valerie has to help you with your mindset mastery journey. You can send Valerie an email and receive a reply in 24-48 hours during normal business hours (Monday – Friday).

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Awesome Transformations

Chineze Butler, Independent Presenter - Younique,

I am so excited to be working with Valerie. I have always struggled with building a team in any MLM or direct sales business I’ve been in, but since working with Valerie I’ve learned how to be my authentic self and now I attract the right business partners in my business. I am happy to say that my team is growing as well as my monthly sales.

Valerie helped me clear the negative chatter that has kept me stuck for many years. She empowered me to find the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and be all that I was created to be. I am a changed person and it’s all because of a mindset shift.

Harriet Sanders, Online Success Coach - Harriet Sanders

From the moment I saw Valerie on social media I knew there was something special about her. I am so happy I reached out to her. Since working with her my mind has been taken to new heights. I have greater clarity around who I am and the greatness that’s inside of me.

Valerie is loving, patient, compassionate, but also very firm. I can feel her genuine passion to help others succeed in business and in life. I have learned so much about our mindset and how with the right mindset, we can create the life of our dreams. I am so thankful for my connection with Valerie.

"MindSet for Success" is for YOU if...

  • You're tried of hoping and wishing for the success you see others achieve
  • You're tried of jumping from one Direct Sales opportunity to another
  • You're tried of questioning your ability to build a successful Direst Sales business

If this is YOU, then YES - this program is right for you!

Amazing Results

Jeanette Curry, Personal Chef - Personal Chef Services by Jeanette Curry

I am so grateful to have met Mrs. Priester. She has given me the tools and techniques to eliminate self-doubt and sabotaging limiting beliefs. My greatest take away from working with Valerie is a new found belief in myself and my abilities to succeed in my business.

Working with Valerie also opened my creative juices; as a result I have been able to create new revenue streams in my business. I am excited to see what the next 6 months will bring for my business.

Elmira Loftin, CEO & Founder - Another Touch Massage,

I took the mind management program and learned so much from it. Even as a person who spends a lot of time analyzing my thoughts, I found through this course that my negative thoughts about money were holding me back in my business. Valerie helped me identify these thoughts and develop techniques to change them. She has a way of explaining with peace, joy, and clarity.

Since taking the course, I have pursued more business opportunities.  I am not afraid to break out of my comfort zone. As a solopreneur I must take risks without the help of others. When my mind is overpowered with positive thoughts, this makes the risks more bearable. Thanks for the wonderful, groundbreaking lessons.

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