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Valerie Priester

Hello, I’m Valerie Priester.

I AM a Certified Business & Life Strategist, a Motivational Speaker, and an Author.

I am passionate about helping new coaches build profitable coaching businesses that they love. I have been in the coaching industry for almost a decade now. I understand firsthand how difficult this journey can be when you first start building your coaching business.

Over the years, I have empowered many women to take the giant leap of believing in themselves and going after their dreams of becoming balanced, focused, and heart-centered coaches and entrepreneurs.

My coaching style is transformative.  I help women address the things holding them back; self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and commonly – lack of confidence in themselves. I have started many businesses over the years – some were successful, others were not. Through trial and error, I have learned so much about how to build a success business.

What I know for sure now is the entrepreneurship journey is not one to be taken lightly or alone. The best decision I’ve ever made in business was to seek the help of others that have walked the path I want to pursue. There are so many pieces to the puzzle of building a successful and profitable coaching business. It is impossible for you to know what you don’t know. So many new coaches spend years going around and around in circles trying to figure out how to make a real income in their coaching business. On average most coaches make less than $30,000 a year in their business. 

I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out what to do; how to market, who to market to and more importantly HOW TO MAKE MONEY. I want new coaches to know that there’s help available; you don’t have to encounter the same struggles and pitfalls I endured. The only thing you have to do is be willing to seek the help you need and invest in yourself and your dream of business ownership. I know what it’s like to be afraid to spend money when you’re not making any money. But you must shift your mindset around money. First of all, when you invest in getting the help you need, it’s not ‘spending’ money – it’s investing. Don’t be one of those struggling coaches who try to build their business using all FREE products. Remember, if you aren’t willing to invest in help for yourself, others will not be willing to invest with YOU for the help they need. It’s the law of reciprocity, which is always in effect.



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What I do

My approach enables everyone that I coach to gain REAL clarity on what they truly want in a business and in their life. I awaken the inner spirit and confidence of my clients which empowers them to courageously go after the business and life they most desire.


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Where I’ve been

I began my coaching practice, Victorious Life Coaching, after making a real difference in the lives of 5 women.  I used my wisdom, insight, and business and life experiences to impact the lives of these women in a measurable way. They began to see results such as; increased confidence, clarity, and focus on what they truly desired in business and life. Because of this experience I realized that I could provide solutions to women who dream of living a better life and impacting the world with their gifts and talents.  

When I began my coaching practice, I was working a full-time, very stressful position as a Lead Project Manager for the largest medical facility in Detroit Michigan. I would work 10 – 14 hour days on my job and come home and spend another 3 to 4 hours on my business. It was a struggle, but I was passionate about helping women be their absolute best. My passion was the fuel that kept me going. I truly believe my journey to entrepreneurship was to help others that have a burning desire to become business owners.

In 2012, after relocating from Michigan to Tennessee, I took the giant leap and stepped away from the corporate world to begin operating my coaching practice full-time. I strongly believe that if I can do it so can you. 

I have been mentored by some of the top leaders in the personal development and business arena. Allowing myself to be mentored, has equipped me with the expertise to specialize in helping others create a profitable coaching business and develop a success and growth mindset. I have coached women in direct sales, solo-preneurship, entrepreneurship, and professional careers to create the mindset required to reach successful levels in all areas of their life.  Essentially, these women are just like you, women who have greatness inside, women who need help identifying their true value and worth, and women longing to eliminate self-doubt so they can live a Victorious Life.

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My journey continues

As my purpose evolves, I continue to learn and grow. I consider myself a life-long student. What excites me about my journey ahead is, as I grow, my clients grow. I am serious about YOU living a Victorious Life!

I AM a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend to many. I am married to a wonderful and supportive man whom I adore. I enjoy traveling, bowling, playing Texas Hold’em with my husband, entertaining family and friends, and playing with the baby of the family – Mr. Benji (pictured below). 


You are the creator of your reality

Create YOUR Victorious Life! 

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